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Founded in 1966, Housing Help Inc. is a not-for-profit organization helping families access safe, decent affordable housing and to develop the financial skills necessary to maintain their home.

Housing Help Inc. provides one-on-one counseling and hosts seminars and workshops at local community centers and churches to assist:

•  First-Time Home Buyers achieve their dream of buying a home
•  Homeowners prevent and manage the Process of Foreclosure
•  Families better manage their Finances, Debt and Credit
•  Taking advantage of Senior Housing and Tax Programs
•  Individuals deal with the burden of Student Loan Debt
•  Tenants and Landlords know their rights and responsibilities

Our counselors are very experienced and certified by NeighborWorks America.
Housing Help is a HUD certified housing counseling agency.
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First-Time Home Buyers

Potential first-time home buyers receive one-on-one counseling covering:
  • Step-by-step review of the home buying process
  • Budgeting and credit counseling
  • Mortgage affordability
  • Available mortgage instruments
  • Down payment assistance programs
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Foreclosure Prevention

Homeowners receive a full assessment by a certified housing counselor. The counselor will contact the lender or loan servicer to pursue the options that are best for you and your family.

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Finances, Debt and Credit

Clients receive budget counseling, debt management and credit restoration services via Certified Credit Counselors. We prepare an action plan to reduce debt and improve credit scores.

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Seniors Counseling

Seniors receive counseling on housing situations such as rentals, home ownership issues, real estate tax exemptions, foreclosure prevention and special government programs for eligible seniors.

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Student Loan Debt

People suffering under the burden of student loans learn about the various payment plans, deferment programs and special options available. We provide a complete financial analysis to determine which program best suits the borrower.

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Tenant and Landlord Assistance

Tenants and landlords receive free information regarding their rights and responsibilities as well as counseling for those involved in landlord-tenant disputes. We provide information on the eviction process and refer clients for free legal assistance if necessary.

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501 (3) Not for Profit Corp.
New York State Neighborhood Preservation Corporation
New York State Community Housing Development Organization
Federal Housing and Urban Development Certified Housing Counseling Agency
Member of the New York State Coalition for Excellence in Homeownership Education
Adopted the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling

91 Broadway (Suite 10), Greenlawn NY 11740
housinghelp@optonline.net   |   Phone: 631-754-0373  FAX: 631-754-0821
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